Value pack of 3 face coverings

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A pack of 3 plain face coverings of the same colour, ideal for return to school or work. Wear a fresh one each day, while the others are in the wash. Available in 7 colours.

  • 100% cotton
  • Comfortable adjustable straps made from comfy t-shirt yarn
  • Pocket for a filter (includes a removable filter)

Size Guide
Sizes are for the width of the fabric, not including ties. 
With the ties being adjustable, choosing the correct size for you is more to do with how much coverage you like on your face. If unsure, select medium.

  • Small: ~14cm wide (young children)
  • Medium: ~16cm wide (adult regular & teens)
  • Large: ~18cm wide (adult large)

Removable filter
I include a removable filter with every face covering, as an example of what non-woven material can look like. If you do want to use a filter, you can also use any non-woven materials such as polyprolypene fabric, interfacing, coffee filters, or even kitchen towels. Just make sure the material is clean, dry and does not contain harmful chemicals in it.