Princess Leia - Wood block

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My printed wood blocks are printed transfers (of my own art) onto hand-sawn and hand-sanded pine. Accents are hand-painted, then the sides are painted in black, and front & sides varnished. The back is covered in black card, numbered and signed.

The block comes with a small wooden stand. It also comes pre-drilled so you can hang it on a nail (must be nailed perpendicular to the wall for best result).

Please note:

  • The image shows print #1, but this might not be the one you receive. Each piece is numbered.
  • While these are not officially limited edition runs, I am numbering each piece I make. I will be retiring each design at some point, so if you'd like to know how many of each designs are made in the end, follow me on social media as I will be announcing any retirements there.
  • As this is in great part handmade, each piece is unique – from the cut of the wood, to the coverage of the art (usually it's a bit rough around the edges), to any hand-painted touchups.

12.5cm high x 9.6cm wide x 2.1cm deep
(Or approx 5" x 3.75" x 1")