Limited Edition Mizzle book promo

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Mizzle – originally born as a web comic in 2015 – is got relaunched as a graphic novel in 2017!

I've had printed a VERY LIMITED NUMBER of promotional copies of chapter 1:
24 pages + cover.
Full colour throughout.
Standard comic book size.

There are only 100 printed of these and they are all numbered (signed if you wish).

Why a promo of just chapter 1?

I'm sending some of them to publishers, before I finish the other two chapters! And as I've been working on this for so long, unpaid, it'd really help me be able to pay for the printing if I can sell a few copies of it.

Plus, if Mizzle does get picked up and becomes famous, then you will own a very rare copy, as I will only print very limited numbers, and each copy will be numbered. Those of you who know me KNOW how close Mizzle is to my heart and how much I want her to succeed.

Want to help support my work even more?

You can also have a look through my shop and see if there's any other artworks of mine that you may like to buy... I sell original art, prints, hand-made printed wood blocks, and of course other comics!

When will the promo be ready?

It's ready now!!

But I know you. Do I have to pay shipping?

No, if you're able to pick it up from me, you can select "Local collection" during checkout. Please get in touch if you're not sure.