Out of Hours Comics - Mr.Omega

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The first story arc by Out of Hours Comics, now complete!

Buy singles issues for £1.50, or the full set of three books for only £3 and get one book free!

*WARNING* These comics are not suitable for kids or the faint-hearted due to blood & gore.

Issue 1
Fearless, powerful, and loved by all, Mr. Omega is Quartz City's most revered superhero. But who IS the man behind the mask?

Story by Mert Yeygün
Art, main cover, graphics & letters by Cat Byrne
Additional story & character development by Çağıl Çöteli & Barış Ergin
A5 / 8 pages

Issue 2
The plot thickens! Who's after Mr. Omega? And more importantly, what are they gonna do about it?
Story by Mert Yeygün
Pencils & inks by Mert Baran
Colours & letters by Cat Byrne
Includes a variant cover by Cat Byrne
A5 / 8 pages

Issue 3
Mr. Omega has been given a most unusual task. Where does his allegiance lie? ...And is this the end of the line for him?

Story by Mert Yeygün
Cover & Pages 4-9: Pencils & inks by Mert Baran, colors by Cat Byrne
Pages 1-3: Art by Gil Diaz Canales
Letters by Cat Byrne
Variant covers by Gürkan Özer, Alan Djayce, Cat Byrne & Göker Özkemer
A5 / 12 pages

All books are full colour, staple-bound and printed on 150gsm silk paper.