Scrotes by Cat Byrne

Welcome to SCROTES*, the internet's brand new, premier source of random, obscure and cult TV & Film quotes, in the form of neo-traditional tattoo art.

* Scrotes is an amalgamation of Scroll and Quotes. Any similarity with male anatomy is purely coincidental, and in no way should be construed as an immature double-entendre.

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The designs!

  Black Books

Scrotes - Black Books - Can't
Scrotes - Black Books - Don't
Scrotes - Black Books - No Anecdotage
No Anecdotage
Scrotes - Black Books - No Prehensilizing
No Prehensilizing

  Father Ted

Scrotes - Father Ted - Feck
Available on TeePublic
Scrotes - Father Ted - I love my brick
I love my brick
Available on TeePublic

  Harry Potter

Scrotes - Harry Potter - Always
Available on TeePublic

  Philomena Cunk

Scrotes - Philomena Cunk - What is clocks
What is clocks?
Available on TeePublic

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Scrotes - TMNT - Forgive is Divine but never pay full price for late pizza
Forgiveness is divine...
Available on TeePublic