Appearing in

  • Splank! Annual (coming soon) – The Life of Ethel Death
  • Dirty Rotten Comics #9
  • Sliced Quarterly #4
    "In Cat Byrne's contribution, Mediorc, we see a monstrous creature purchase and devour a can of ravioli... that's literally it. It's such an odd comic that it skyrockets itself into the extraordinary. My mind has been boggled by this mediocre orc, and I’ve begun dreaming up other scenarios I’d like to see. Cat Byrne's art is really enjoyable here, and I thoroughly enjoyed this story; it reminds me of canned raviolis in that there's not a lot of sustenance in its ingredients, but it keeps coming back up throughout the day."
    – Read the full review by Anthony Ray Bench on FanboyNation
  • Blunderthrust #1
  • Broccoli Zine


  • A Day in the Life of Kylo Ren by Darth Awesome & Cat Byrne (role: art)
  • Out of Hours Comics by Mert Yeygün, Cat Byrne & guest artists (role: art, colours, letters)
  • The Window by Tom Burleigh and Cat Byrne (role: illustration)
  • Reluctance by Tom Burleigh and Cat Byrne (role: pencils & letters)