Mizzle Comic

Mizzle – my comic about a mutant cat with an overactive imagination – started in 2015 as a webcomic, and was rebooted in 2017 as a printed comic, following an updated plot and storyline.

Mizzle: Flight of the Bumblecat (2017)

A limited edition promotional comic of chapter 1 of Mizzle as a graphic novel. Originally created to send to publishers for review. However, if it doesn't get picked up, I will continue the story chapter-by-chapter as a self-published comic.

Mizzle is a young woman who lives in Middenbottom, England, and who works for MOG Industries, the top superhero agency in the country. Her overactive imagination is the source of gripping fantasies for Mizzle (and amusement for us), but also the catalyst for the life-changing adventure she is about to embark on.

Age rating
Suitable for all ages (although does include some comedy violence and liberal use of the words fuzz, fuzzing and fuzzballs).

Mizzle: The Singles (2015-2016)

Printed volumes of the original webcomic which saw the debut of Mizzle.

Mizzle is the runt of a litter of superhero cats, working for MOG Industries. Her three sisters are the quintessential superhero women: tall, muscular, fearless, powerful and endowed with zero-gravity torsos. Mizzle, on the other hand, likes chocolate, crochet, and the feeling of peeling courgettes.

Age rating
Suitable for all ages