Comic Art

Other than working on my own comics, I am also a freelance comic artist, working on commissions, collaborations, and art which I exhibit.

I am always open to working on new projects. Here are some of the services I offer, and some examples:

Examples of commissions

Custom art on request; including popular characters, caricatures, mashups, pets & animals and more, in a variety of styles and sizes. See prices >

Judge Dredd by Cat Byrne 2 chefs commission by Cat Byrne Mizzle less talk commission by Cat byrne Stag and Badger commission by Cat Byrne


Examples of comic pages

Comics - Mizzle
From Mizzle
Comics - Mizzle
From Mizzle
Comics - Nancy
From Nancy
Comics - Mediorc
From Mediorc
Comics - Mr.Omega
From Mr.Omega 1 (mature)


Examples of comic covers

Cover - Reluctance
Reluctance, Tom Burleigh
Cover - Mr.Omega
Mr.Omega 2, Out of Hours
Cover - Seraphium
Seraphium, Out of Hours


Examples of comic art (digital colours)

Teenage Monster Ninja Turtles
Teenage Monster Ninja Turtles
Prints available >
Original inks & prints available
TMNT Hardly Training
Hardly Training
Prints available >
TMNT Group Shot
TMNT Group Shot
Prints available >
Mera and Superman
Mera & Superman


Examples of comic art (traditional colours)

"Visitors" Series
Rahzar and Tokka
Rahzar & Tokka
Original available >
Miss Abyss
"Miss Abyss"
"Visitors" Series
"Visitors" Series


Examples of character development

Warrior Fox
Warrior Fox, commission
MisterJJJ OC
OC, commission
Darius Kronn
Darius Kronn, Out of Hours


Skills & Methods

  • Inking – Traditional or digital
  • Colours – Traditional (markers & watercolour)
  • Colours – Digital
  • Pencils
  • Character development
  • Sequential comics thumbnails / storyboard
  • Layout (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or Quark Xpress)
  • Comic cover art
  • Letters / lettering
  • In-comic design (eg. fictional company logos)

All work can be carried out internationally. Feel free to get in touch!