Thrall (ST3 Monster) - print on wood

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The hospital monster from Stranger Things 3, so cute you might cuddle it. Maybe.

One of a kind, hand-crafted print on wood.

As each piece is unique, you may choose the version you prefer using the "Print number" drop down menu below. The product image will change to reflect which version you have selected.

The art is transferred onto hand-sawn and hand-sanded pine, with some highlights and touches added in acrylics, which makes each piece unique! The sides are painted in black, and front/sides varnished. The back is covered in black or brown card, numbered and signed.

Supplied with a wooden easel for display. The block also comes drilled so you can hang it (for best result the nail must be at a right angle from the wall).


12.5cm high x 9.6cm wide x 2.1cm deep
(Or approx 5" x 3.75" x 1")

This artwork is also available as a regular print.