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Turn it into a card!
I can attach your artwork to a blank greeting card... so that it's a card AND a gift in one! No extra cost for this, and the glue dots I use are both acid-free and removable, so it can be later detached. The greeting card is A6 size (which fits with only a slight trim into 4X6" photo frames, which are really easy to find), and envelopes are supplied!

What are sketch cards?
Sketchcards, or Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are small commissions on 2.5" x 3.5" cards. I use the same artist grade materials as with larger commissions... they're just smaller!

How do I store sketch cards?
Thinking of starting a collection of sketch cards? It's really easy to find albums of any budget and size, as the cards as the same exact size as popular trading cards (like Match Attax, or Magic: The Gathering).

About the commissions
The subject can be pretty much anything: characters from my comics Mizzle or Ethel Death / mashups & crossovers / famous characters from other comics, books, TV or films / animals / chibi portraits, etc. I do reserve the right to refuse and refund a commission which I deem the subject offensive (please ask if you're unsure).

How to order:
1. Select from the drop down menu whether you'd lkike the sketchcard on its own, or if you'd like it attached to a blank greeting card (comes with an envelope).
2. During check out, put a note in the comments about what you'd like the drawing(s) to be of, or feel free to contact me separately.

I'm local to you. Do I have to pay shipping?
No - just select "local collection" during check out.