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Mizzle is the runt of a litter of superhero cats. While isn't quite as "natural" a superhero as her celebrity sisters, she lives her life in her own, inimitable way. It's a comic that's sweet, funny and a bit melancholic.

Mizzle started as a webcomic in January 2015, and became available as a printed comic in summer 2016 (with some extra bits thrown in).

Printed comics


Mizzle grear by Cat Byrne on Redbubble

About the art

As this is the first comic project I created since starting to draw again, there has been a steep progression in all its aspects: artwork, inking, colours and lettering; it's been my creative playground which I've used to experiment with different methods.

Mizzle of the future!

Now that I'm at a point where I'm happy with the level of the art, I'm going to stop making single page episodes, and am currently focusing all my Mizzlenergy on creating a graphic novel. Watch this space!

Commission always welcome