Cat Byrne comic book and comic art shop


  • Prices based on one character.
  • Prices are based on A4 size (roughly letter size).
  • Traditional art sent by post.
  • Digital art emailed, in high resolution and ready for you to print.
  • If applicable, £2 postage in the UK (£4 to Europe & £5 elsewhere).
  • These prices are for personal use only. For commercial use, please contact me.
  • Payment via PayPal only.

Choose linework/style

Clean pencils £25
Traditional ink £25
Digital ink £20
Watercolour and pencils £50

Choose extras (optional)

Ink wash Add £10
Watercolour Add £30
Digital colour (Flat) Add £10
Digital colour (Full) Add £20

Other sizes / extra characters

Extra character: £10 each

Larger size (A3): Add £10 for linework and + £10 for colour

It works the other way!
Smaller size (A5): Take off £5 for linework and -£5 for colour

Background: Basic backgrounds £10 (or more, depending on complexity)

Comic pages: Depends on art style/complexity/number of panels

Prices can be negotiable, depending on situation or request. I need to make a living, but I am not a monster.



Chibi TMNT commission by Cat Byrne
Ink & watercolour, 2017
Princess Leia Carrie Fisher commission
Princess Leia
Ink & photoshop, 2017

Raph & Leo
Ink & watercolour, 2017

Ink & digital colour, 2017

Badger & Stag
Watercolour & pencil, 2017

Vampire Kitty
Ink, 2017

Mera & Superman
Digital inks & full colour, 2016

Simon of Legacy Comics, Halifax
Traditional inks, 2016

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
Traditional inks, 2016

Chibi Godzilla
Traditional inks, 2016

Kangol Hat Cat
Ink & watercolour, 2016

Alien Bedtime Story
Ink & inkwash, 2016

Super Power Roomies
Digital lines & colours, 2016

Raph & Holly
Pencil, 2016

Digital lines & colours, 2015

Jungle Cat
Ink & watercolour, 2015

DJ Cat
Ink & watercolour, 2015

Eric Draven / Altaïr
Digital lines & colours, 2014
Commission always welcome